Average Home Blood Pressure Reading

Please complete this questionnaire if requested by your GP Practice. If you have a SystmOnline account please use this to submit your readings.


1. In the morning, ensure that you are rested and have taken no exercise in the last 30 minutes.

2. Then sit in a chair comfortably upright with your arm supported on a table beside you, with both feet on the ground.

3. Put the cuff on your upper arm (5cm above your elbow) resting on the table, the cuff should be roughly at the level of your heart.

4. Press the on/start button on the BP monitor and take two readings at least 1 minute apart.

5. Record the readings below with your pulse rate and any comments.

6. Repeat that evening & for a total of 7 days using alternate arms. 

For a list of validated home blood pressure monitors, visit https://bihsoc.org/bp-monitors/ or discuss with your pharmacy


Average Home Blood Pressure Reading
Calculating your average blood pressure

Ignore the first day of readings (as this was when you were getting used to the monitor) and take an average of the remaining readings. Add up all the top systolic blood pressures & divide by the number of blood pressures done, then repeat with the bottom diastolic blood pressures.


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