Appointment System

The receptionists are here to help you and to direct you to the most appropriate healthcare professional. This may be a GP, a nurse practitioner, a healthcare assistant, or perhaps the health visitor. The receptionist may need to ask you to explain in general terms the nature of your problem in order to help you.

GP Appointments

The demand for GP appointments is increasing, and in an effort to ease the pressure and improve access for patients we now offer a same day telephone call with a doctor to all patients who feel their medical condition cannot wait until the next available pre-bookable appointment. This allows the doctor to assess your medical needs, arrange further tests or book you an appointment which may be on the same day if your medical condition is urgent. This system allows doctors to prioritise their workload and ensure patients who need to be seen more urgently are seen. For this reason the receptionist will ask you the nature of your problem to help the doctor; please be assured the receptionists are not making decisions about your care. If however, you prefer not to discuss this with the receptionist, please just inform them politely and they will be happy to book you the appointment/telephone consultation in the normal manner.

From your feedback we understand that you prefer to see your usual doctor and it is also better for your care. This may mean waiting a little longer for a routine appointment if your medical condition is not urgent. A proportion of our appointments and telephone consultations are pre bookable up to four weeks in advance for follow up and non-urgent problems. Doctors’ appointments are for 10 minutes, if you feel you will need longer or have more than one problem please ask the receptionist to book you a double appointment.

If you have booked a telephone consultation the doctor will try and phone you within one hour of the appointed time and we ask that you are available to take your call back within that timeframe. There will be occasions when the doctor is unable to call you within this timeframe due to the unpredictable nature of their workload, however, if you have not received a call back within two hours please do contact the surgery again.

Nurse Practitioner

Our nurse practitioner is available for adults and children with illnesses such as: chest infections, tonsillitis, ear infections, sinus problems, backache, conjunctivitis, hay fever, eczema and urinary problems. If you are not sure if your problem can be dealt with by the nurse practitioner, the receptionist will be able to advise you. When you see the nurse practitioner, if she needs further advice from a doctor there is always one available at the time you see the nurse practitioner. Clinics are held throughout the week. Again some of these appointments are pre-bookable, and if any follow-up is required the nurse practitioner will arrange this for you at the time.

Practice Nurse Team

Our practice nurse team operate a pre-bookable appointment system, and our receptionists are able to arrange appointments for you. Nurse-led disease management clinics operate for diabetes, respiratory problems, hypertension and heart disease. These clinics are supervised by the doctor who is available when necessary. Telephone consultations are available by contacting our receptionists.


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