The Bovey Tracey & Chudleigh Practice sometimes recruits patients for research studies supported by the Primary Care Research Network. All studies have been approved by an NHS Research Ethics Committee. If you are invited to participate in research there is no obligation to do so, and if you decline this will not affect your treatment in any way. Anonymised patient data may be used for research that is in the best interests of patients and the NHS as a whole.

Medical Research Privacy Notice (PDF, 253KB)

We hope our patients can be reassured that as a research active practice we are forward thinking and strive to do our best for them. Please click here to see our short slideshow explaining our Research Trials (PDF, 1.33MB).

Research helps us find evidence-supported answers to improve treatments and quality of life for patients now and in the future.

Clinical research can focus on

  • Promoting a healthier lifestyle
  • Disease prevention
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Treatment of common ailments
  • Management of long term health conditions

Over 21,300 people took part in clinical health research studies in the South West (2015-16)

At the surgery our Practice Research team includes Dr Ward, Nurse Rachael Minty, HCA Jodie Rice and Receptionist Nina Joint.

Person Centred & Coordinated Care Study – February 2017

The South West Academic Health Science Network and the South West Peninsula CLAHRC (Plymouth University) are trying to establish an evidence base of how person centred coordinated care is delivered through GP practices across the South West. 100 of our patients who have attended the GP Surgery more than 10 times in the last 12 months have been randomly selected and invited to complete a questionnaire on their views on how well we are working towards delivering person centred coordinated care.

In return for taking part in the study the Practice will receive a detailed report as to how well we are working towards delivering person centred coordinated care and how we compare with other Practices in the South West area.

RCGP Research Surveillance Centre Practice

This practice is one of over 260 practices in England contributing pseudonymised data for national research and surveillance.

These data enable continuous monitoring of infections and diseases in the community and is used in ethically approved research. The RCGP RSC is the main source of information for Public Health England (PHE) and helps with prediction and management of flu outbreaks and pandemics.

Providing pseudonymised data does not affect patients, their care or privacy, however if you no longer wish to allow your information to be used, please speak to your GP

Patient Leaflet regarding your data and how it is used (PDF, 85KB)

Frontier - CRN Magazine July 2017 (PDF, 1.44MB)

News Release - One of the best GP Surgeries for recruiting for Research (PDF, 164KB)

Research Certificate  (PDF, 110KB)

Cloudy with a Chance of Pain - Recruitment Poster (PDF, 205KB)

Cloudy with a Chance of Pain - Information Sheet (PDF, 493KB)

Involve South West Newsletter (PDF, 1.53MB)

KARE study (PDF, 207KB)

Armed Forces Veteran Research (PDF, 353KB)

Startright - Startright Study aims to improve diagnosis of diabetes type and so improve diabetes treatment for those patients aged 18-50 diagnosed with diabetes in the last year.

Research News - The Garfield-AF Study (PDF, 102KB)

OPIANT - Bulimia Study (PDF, 214KB)

ACT-FLARE Study - knee pain (PDF, 748KB)

GLAD Study Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Research



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